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We want literature that breaks through the mundane reality of our daily lives. Send us literature that elevates thought and feeling beyond what we experience in the monotony of daily life.

If it floats your boat, you can have that be as fantasy or science fiction. We’re are open to any kind of fantasy; whether it’s high fantasy with kings and knights, contemporary fantasy with something strange happening with a sprite that crept into your basement, or anything in between. We want to read it. The same applies to science fiction, we welcome near-future sci-fi and high sci-fi. You’re welcome to submit poetry and prose, including flash fiction.

We have a keen eye for young or developing writers. Just like our name implies, we want to see writers who are not constrained by writing about what we all experience day to day. We’re looking for literature that dives into realms unknown, flies off into space, or tears a rift right through the fabric of reality.

Submissions are currently open!

We are looking for poetry, short stories, and flash fiction. Please see our Submission Guidelines for details.