About Us

Reality Break Press is run by a duo that’s been racing around the literary world since they were small enough to race around living room furniture. Now that they are both young professionals, they want to have a publishing house that specializes in stepping away from day to day life and dives into speculative fiction.  In this quest, they want to assist unpublished writers to spread their wings, as well as help established writers, have their voices reach more people. We want to help young writers develop their skills and discover the joy of delving into creative writing.

We have a tri-annual literary magazine that specializes in speculative fiction. We are a new publication and have plans to expand from there, but currently, we plan to publish three issues a year. Our first issue will be a collection of fantasy; please keep an eye on out for more details on our upcoming projects.


Leigh Fisher is a novelist from Neptune. No, not the eighth farthest planet from the sun, but from Neptune Township, New Jersey. She’s held an odd mix of jobs at colleges and universities, ranging from a social media manager to an enrollment technician. She was also the editor-in-chief of Ocean County College’s Seascape as well as a managing editor for Stockpot at Stockton University. She has been published in Five:2:One Magazine, Rising Phoenix Review, The Missing Slate, The Write Launch, with several more publications forthcoming. She received her bachelor’s degree in literature from Stockton University, took part in writing workshops at Johns Hopkins University, and will soon be starting graduate school at Rutgers University. With these experiences behind her, she wanted to put the skills that she learned to work and start a literary magazine of her own.

Mehrina Asif is a poet and novelist who shows her tender side by working as a daycare employee. On top of keeping track of tiny tots and writing some incredible stories featured on various creative websites, she recently completed her bachelor’s degree in biology from George Washington University. Just like her partner in crime, she is also applying to graduate schools to advance her education. She also gets into the nitty-gritty of writing and language with her second degree in linguistic anthropology.